About Us

⇒ BEST Undertaking is the lifeline of Mumbai, providing bus service In Mumbai City & in its extended suburbs i.e. Mira-Bhayander, Thane, Ghansoli. BEST is operating average 3136 buses per day with average 53,000 trips and transporting overage 30 Lac passengers per day with safety

⇒ Safety of our passengers and other road users is the prime objective of the Undertaking. To achieve road safety today Driver requires higher level of confidence and competence. To built Driver's confidence and competency BEST Undertaking has launched an initiative to promote road safety by imparting safe and defensive heavy driving training at our Skill Development Center sponsored by Central Government, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

⇒ This training program is a ready reckoner designed to cater to the needs of people who would like to polish their skill-sets. The courses have been designed with safe driving skills, defensive driving techniques and fuel economy skills to suit the needs of professional Drivers who can handle the heavy vehicle with confidence. This program also includes Yoga, Meditation and 'Anti Tobacco Drive' workshops.

⇒ As compared to year 2009-10, during 2015-16 BEST Undertaking has reduced its overall accident rate by 57.18 % by imparting better driving skills. Undertaking has also improved its fuel efficiency (kilometer per litter Of KGs) during 2017 by 0.16 as compared to 2013. At the BEST Training Center , we will inculcate these driving cultures through our special theoretical and practical training from expertise Driver Teachers.